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Window Tint

UAE installs three shades of window tint offered by Llumar with availability to select windows around the entire vehicle. Our precision cut software ensures our installers' blades never touch your vehicle. Order window tint for your car now so you can provide yourself with UV protection, privacy & keep the interior of your vehicle cooler during hot summer days!

Avery Dennison Carbon Fiber Hood on a red Kia Stinger.
Window Tint.jpeg


What's the legal tint limit?

Every state is different for window tint laws. As of 2021 The State of Ohio requires the windows immediately to the left and right of the driver to be tinted no darker than 50% VLT, windshields no darker than 30% VLT & any windows behind the driver row have no regulations. Find out exact terminology as regulated by the State of Ohio HERE.

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How Long Will Window Tint Last?

LLumar's Infrared Rejection Tint Film can last 10+ years with proper care. That provides you with a decade of enhanced sun protection. 

Will my film turn purple?

Not with Llumar's premium grade window film. Bubbling & purple hazing is a sign of a low-grade film's inability to stick to the glass and dye components are starting to turn lighter because the adhesive has weakened in UV light. Cleaning is virtually non-essential but be sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner & cloth to ensure the longevity of the film.

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